"End of every Era"

Sometimes you build an entire planet from scratch for the benifit of man and its race only to be shot and killed by a strange looking affeminate man for no reason other than he is a fucking dick. Just those kinds of weekly things, hm? Couldn't be any more annoying huh. (8x11, watercolor on canvas)

"Praise by friends far and distant"

I THINK this one was the same size as my previous painting? ...? Its a more free painting that only took me around 20 minutes.. Or more... the background is inspired by avalon vales album cover...Sad and dramatic like it... It sits on my desk. 7x11 maybe..watercolor on canvas. Valed....Valed....Valed...Good song. Listen to it.


(This isn't a painting of any sort but actually the page of a previous scrapped sketchbook, so it has no width or height or i'm just too lazy to fuckin check right now.)

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